Official Organization of Aikido In The Nishio Tradition.

Aikido is for everybody!

As an adult, it is no longer always easy to start a new thing. It is driven by curiosity, the desire for knowledge, but there is a lot of doubt, the inhibitions raised in you, the failures you have experienced before. What if I get awkward? How am I going to learn this? I'm too old for it, should I have started 20 years ago? What if I get hurt? Is it accepted by the community?

We have good news! Almost everyone has these questions in their minds before deciding to try Aikido! The only difference is that someone will turn back here because they succumb to the negative programs clicking in their head, and someone will take it upon themselves and take the first step!

No matter how old you are, what your physical condition is, there is no age limit in Aikido! You can have countless goals that this martial art, a form of movement, can help you with. Do you want to feel better? Want to spend a few hours a week in a support community? Do you want to find your balance, break out of the treadmill of everyday life? Take the first step yourself!

Adult class
Children class

Children Aikido class

Wondering if Aikido would be the right form of movement for your child? We help couple with thought to make it easier to decide.

In most sports, it is inevitable that your child will be in a competitive position, so school stress can be put on by even a shovel in the expectation of the sport. If you’re more looking now with the idea that your child is happy to do a movement where there is no comparison with others, no races, and too much pressure, then you’re in the right place! What Aikido can give your child is a supportive community where it can develop unnoticed.

The aim of our trainings is to improve posture, develop movement coordination, develop a willingness to cooperate, with tasks that require attention and focus, in a friendly, good community, in small groups, without injuries.

We welcome all primary school children to our children's aikido trainings. The structure of the workouts and the examination system, which is also considered important for children, are designed to cover this relatively wide period of childhood well and to provide a challenge for all ages.

For most sports clubs, only the first time is free. For us, our experience is that children need to dissolve more than once, make first friendships, and the initial touch, perhaps fright, disappear. For this reason, we provide a full monthly aikido training opportunity free of charge. This way you can decide without obligation and with certainty whether you want to join the workouts.

All our aikido trainings are open, so you can join, watch and try our training at any time. If you have any questions, please contact me with confidence:
Ferenc Németh phone: +36 20 99 11 622.

I do/have practiced other martial arts

Did you think that half of our members didn’t start practicing martial arts with aikido? Apparently not it is rare for many to come to us later, after practicing several bends, detours, and multiple styles. Why could it be In your twenties, early thirties, you might still feel like you can do almost anything. Flexible or, your fitness is snapping, your injuries will regenerate quickly. As time goes on, all of a sudden you are painfully confronted with the fact that your body is becoming more and more vulnerable and is facing obstacles that have so far you didn't even notice. Is there still progress from here, and if so, in what way?

You may also have had the good fortune to learn some martial arts as a child or as a young adult, but then you stopped, life drifted in a different direction. However, deep in your soul, the tatami, the gym, even the white training suit is hidden deep in your wardrobe, you didn't have a heart to throw out…

If these thoughts have turned in your head as well, you are in the right place. We wrote this blog just for you.

The human body has physical endowments of head, limbs, joints, sensitive points, and surfaces that are exploited and attacked by various martial arts. For this reason, the same techniques can be found in most martial arts with minor major differences. Aikido can also be thought of as a sophisticated method for our other martial arts. This method can be applied to a greater or lesser extent depending on the nature of the particular martial art, for example, goju-ryu karate is characterized by an alternation of hardness and softness, it fits well with aikido, but there is a karate style, “Strength Karate”, with which fewer common point can be found. In aikido, technical knowledge is very important, less strength, the structure of trainings also follows and strengthens this principle.

black belt classes


Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido

Yurusu Aikido Association and this style of aikido in Hungary was founded by Ferenc Nemeth dojocho in 2010. It is an association of aikido teachers and students dedicated to promoting and advancing the technical and philosophical tradition of aikido developed by Shoji Nishio Shihan through ongoing education and research.

Nishio shared an expansive and continually evolving vision for the future of aikido. His vision and technical genius produced a new and highly integrated approach to aikido based on the correct use of the Japanese sword and also containing key elements of jodo, judo and karate.

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  • Soji Nishio sensei in action 2
  • Soji Nishio sensei in action 3
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Training information

What equipment do you need?

Nothing special, t-shirt and warmer bottom. In the aikido trainings we are barefoot, tatami. The workouts no one needs to appear in a white aikido or karate suit to try it. Later, if you have already decided that you want to persevere in the aikido training sessions and take the exam, a white practicing dress is already recommended.

What does aikido training consist of?

The workout consists of two main parts. There is a full body warm-up in the first half hour. This is basic gymnastics exercises and special exercises used in martial arts, aikido. Part of the warm-up some “near-ground” exercises, such as rolling.

This is followed by the exercises that are more typical of aikido, starting with introductory tasks. These are always specific to the topic, free-handed or armed practice, these exercises are still for everyone performs independently. These exercises are part of the next exercises that we do in pairs. In the last 10-15 minutes were used to do some randori exercises against multiple attackers. The workout ends with breathing and stretching exercises.


1 month trial training for free!

We welcome everyone, it is a pleasure for us if you decide to try the aikido trainings with us, and to do this without any obligations, a full month of free training for everyone we provide!

Family discount

We look forward to seeing not only you, but the rest of your family!
Every person in the family receives a HUF 1,000 discount!

School certificate

Student members of our association have the opportunity to request an exemption from gym classes. We can issue certificates to our members who undertake the aikido workouts at least 50% participate and pay the monthly membership fee. Participation in training is school physical education, which is why absences are treated similarly to school.


Aikdo day with Ferenc Nemeth - may

AIKIDO Day with Ferenc Nemeth

Location: Budapest, Váci str. 19.

Date: May 28, 2022. 10:00 - 15:00

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Aikikai Hungary Events

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Through a friend, I came across Master Nishio’s system and grabbed it. But maybe even more important to me, I really like my training partners. I’ve never met such a helpful and supportive community anywhere, it’s very inspiring, for me it’s one of the most important aspects.
For me, in addition to the many repetitive boring daily routines, a different world. In that case, I'm not thinking about anything, I can immerse myself in what I’m doing, and it refills, soothes. Absolute self time :-)
I recharge very pleasantly both physically and mentally! It helps maintain the flexibility of my muscles, or due to my age, slows down the aging process. My self-confidence is on top every day too! It just positively affects my life.

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